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Examination Process

From the age of 4 years, all Spotlight pupils are trained for examinations in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre. There is no obligation for any child to enter for exams but, on the whole, they are an excellent way for the dancer to be guided through a syllabus, which provides them a goal to work towards and the building blocks necessary to achieve that goal.

As a new parent to Spotlight, the first time you will hear about examinations is when your child comes out of their class proudly clutching a letter that says they are ready to take their exam in the next session. This simply means your child has reached exam standard in his/her grade. The letter asks if you would like your child to be included in the session, it will explain which exam they will take, the dates, the venue, the price, and details of possible extra classes prior to the special day. If you choose to go ahead, you will need to return the form, and exam fee, before the Closing Date. Two or three weeks prior to exam day, you will receive your scheduled exam time – all candidates must arrive 45 minutes before that time.


The first examinations our younger pupils take are Silver and Gold Rose Awards. In these exams the children enter the exam room with their teacher, who introduces them individually to the examiner and gently guides them through their exam exercises. After their final curtsey the examiner tells each child how they have done (always with lots of praise and smiles) and, if successful, they are presented with a silver or gold trophy and a Comment Sheet. Our little ones love taking Rose Awards and always exit the exam room happy and excited to show their trophy off to everyone in the waiting room.


Eventually, children move on to Preparatory and Primary, then Grades 1-8. All of these exams are taken in sets of three, with no teacher present. The results and certificates arrive several weeks later and are handed out to each child to take home.

If a child takes a Rose Award, Preparatory or Primary and achieves Honours Star, they will receive a special Star certificate as well as the normal certificate.


If a child takes a Graded Exam (1-8) and their mark is 90% or higher, they will receive a Platinum certificate as well as their normal certificate.


We do not enter any pupil who has not reached the standard required for their exam. It is my view that everything our Spotlight pupils take part in should make them feel good, improve their confidence and raise their self-esteem. They are well-coached for all exams, giving us a 100% pass rate and very happy pupils.