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Classical Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century. It is characterized by light, graceful movements and the dancer wears a tutu or soft ballet dress. Professional ballet dancers dance en pointe, in specially made ballet shoes with reinforced toes.

Dance has obvious physical benefits – it works all muscle groups and has a cardio element to classes. But there are many other benefits too! These include:-

The development of social skills


Self reliance

To work as part of a group

How to prioritise


Increased confidence


Baby Ballet - Ages 2-4

Our Baby ballet classes use imagery, songs and stories to develop the imagination and love of music and dance. Basic ballet positions and steps are taught in a fun way to ensure that every child builds happy memories of their classes. Our friendly and caring atmosphere is there in all our classes, whatever the level or age.


Ballet - Ages 4-18

Spotlight School of Dance follow the BTDA Syllabus and offer graded examinations from preparatory to grade 8.  From the age of 4 children are offered the opportunity to take their Silver and Gold Rose awards with the BTDA. Children and teacher enter the exam room together giving the children confidence for future examinations. When the children have passed their Rose awards they move to graded examinations.


Adult Ballet - Ages 18+

Our Adult Ballet classes are open to anyone, of any age, who love to dance. The gentle, graceful exercises and movements make these classes perfect for all, whether you have danced before or are a complete beginner.